Project Management.

Always in control!

Result-oriented project managers who manage coordinate, simplify and control.
This is BESA’s company mission and vision and the motivation in the way of work for our project managers.

Orientation – Creation – Preparation – Implementation

Our project managers are very familiar with these different project phases. BESA project managers support your organisation during all the phases a project is going through. From scoping and project studies till the complete engineering, scheduling of execution and implementation of a project.

Add value to the project with good project management.

We use different project management tools to make sure that the way of work for every project is structured and controlled. Within the projects our project managers are constantly searching for the perfect balance between time/scheduling, costs and safety. 
A successful project has the optimal ratio between these three key criteria.

Safety is in (Y) our hands!

The most important and high valued aspect of a project is safety. Whenever a project is completely executed without any injuries or accidents and every project member has returned home in good health, the project can be labeled as successful.    

Think Smart, Work Smart.

By formulating our project goals Specific, Measurable, Acceptable, Realistic and Time-bound our project managers are capable of being in control during the whole project.
With this approach we ‘manage’ every project and always pursue and test the appointments that are made and the goals that are set for every specific project.  

Multidisciplinary projects from A to Z.

We have extensive experience in multidisciplinary projects in food and dairy industry, chemical industry and construction and civil engineering.
Within all projects we connect the different technical disciplines to succeed the project within the three key criteria’s; Time, costs and safety.

Project Expertise:

  • Food and dairy industry.
  • Chemical Industry.
  • Renewable Energy.
  • Government.

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