Virtual Engineering

Discover the power of Virtual Engineering: The future starts today!

You only believe it when you see it. That is what you regularly encounter as an engineer or project manager. Certainly, in discussions with stakeholders, specialists, and clients. You can ensure better insight, fewer design errors and more persuasive power. How? By applying the latest techniques and software, this brings the possibility to walk through 3D designs made for you through a pair of electronic glasses.

How can you ensure better insight, fewer design errors and more persuasive power?

The answer to this is Virtual Engineering. Thanks to techniques such as Augmented Reality (a virtual layer projected into reality) or Virtual Reality (reality through closed glasses), the design is made in no time. This makes Virtual Engineering a powerful tool during the design process of your project.

The true communication tool for engineering projects

Communication with your stakeholders. How? We let our clients experience the new reality for themselves. This can be done by VR glasses or with a HoloLens (on location). With a pair of these glasses, you can zoom in and out inside of the 3D model; you can immediately see the correct proportions; you can make real-time adjustments (HoloLens) and test their effect. This results in less discussion, more insight, and more support for our designs/plans.

Discover thought and design errors.

Even with the best specialists and all kinds of software, you just cannot remove all design errors from the model. We also ran into these problems ourselves sometimes. How is that possible? In most cases it is because of people finding it difficult to make the transition from design to reality. With Virtual Engineering this becomes possible. You can project the design through VR glasses and HoloLens into the environment. This way you can check the design with several specialists. This can also be done from a remote location. You can check all design geometry; has something been forgotten, does everything fit seamlessly or are there clashes in the design? In addition, we can do a virtual check for all disciplines within the project; Are the proportions correct, is the arrangement convenient, do you have sufficient space for maintenance and operation? With Virtual Engineering you can discover that one mistake that no one sees!

Discover the latest collaboration opportunities!

This can easily be done via Trimble Connect from Navisworks. Trimble Connect is an online user-friendly platform for working on BIM projects from the cloud starting at the design phase all the way through to delivery. With Trimble Connect, construction teams are supported by project members from various disciplines who are connected within the team. From anywhere at any time, project members can access up-to-date information via a device or smartphone. The collaboration platform is cloud-based and has developed a way to automatically combine more than twenty 2D and 3D file formats into a single platform while conserving intelligence, dimensions, markup tools and clash information.

Advantages when BESA applies Virtual Engineering to your project:

  • The Microsoft HoloLens works wirelessly and without a smartphone or computer;
  • Interactive remote viewing from an external location (via Teams), so you are always involved with the project;
  • Possible clashes are detected early; this results in a reduction of design-based costs due to errors;
  • An efficient design process;
  • Unforgettable project experience!

Discover it for yourself?

Have you always wanted to experience the use of a HoloLens or a pair of VR glasses and are you curious about what AR and VR can do for construction and industry? Take this opportunity and make an appointment with one of our specialists to experience it for yourself! You can call +31(0)599-211913.

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