3D Laserscanning

In the current world of engineering the use of 3D-laserscanning has become indispensable. By using this technique, the engineering possibilities have been expanded, the 3D-scanning device measures a lot of points from its surroundings in a 360-degree range. The scanned surroundings result in a 3D-area which can be used for multiple purposes, for example in the application of BIM.  

Quality Control

By combining the 3d-scanned area with constructed CAD-models for your project it is possible to run a quality check. If an inconsistency occurs, a quality check will indicate this, an engineer is able to see these faults in a project in an early stage and will take action to solve these problems. By running a quality check BESA will be able to deliver high quality results for your projects


In addition to the ‘point cloud’ generated by the 3D-scanner there is a function to generate a photo viewer. A photo viewer will show 360-degree pictures of the scanned location, these pictures can for example be used for communicational purposes between multiple involved parties during a running project.

With the addition of an VR-headset or our Microsoft HoloLens it is possible to walk through your project to give a first impression of the project’s surroundings during the design phase before the actual realization has been initiated. The HoloLens gives the impression on-site using hologram glasses and the VR-headset will give an impression on a remote off-site location in its own environment.

your Advantages summed up:

  • The term “check dimensions on-site” will disappear from your drawing because of the created 3d-scan from the project’s location.
  • Saving of time, because of measuring on-site no longer being necessary during the design phase.
  • Accurate measurements down to the millimeter prevent extra costs due to measurement errors.
  • Easy integration of new constructions in existing environments without the necessity of changing the current situation afterwards.

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