Who are we?

BESA is an independent engineering company. Since our foundation in 2004, we have been providing our services to industry, companies and government for over 15 years.

From our offices in Borger and Jakarta we have a wide working area, are flexible, reliable and we ensure that our projects are carried out professionally with a personal touch. Our core expertise is advanced mechanical engineering, where smart solutions and / or advanced calculations play a role.

We offer result-oriented engineering and development through a productive mix of fundamental analysis, technological evaluation, creative preliminary design, engineering productivity, design for production and genuine interest in practical realization.

Our involvement doesn’t stop at the drawing board; our interest is also in the actual realization.


Result-oriented project managers and engineers who coordinate, manage and simplify.


In a market in which technological developments follow each other at a rapid pace, there is a need for technically highly trained engineers who are challenged to think outside existing frameworks to realize creative and innovative solutions. By offering our engineers challenging projects that match their talents and expertise, giving them confidence and responsibility, they develop into energetic professionals who surprise our clients with the result.

Our core values are:

Expertise, drive, commitment, flexibility, inventiveness, creativity and personality.

BESA Jakarta

Since 2014, we have also been operating abroad due to economic growth, employment, challenge and innovation. We are regularly active for our clients in countries such as Asia and Africa.

Since 2019 we are also located in Jakarta.

Result-oriented project managers and engineers who coordinate, manage and simplify.