Renovate farmhouse

Update transformation of a farmhouse into a life-resistant home

The Wolters family has started life-proofing their farm to create a modern and sustainable living environment. We are following developments closely and will keep you informed.

A lot of hard work has been done in the past period; the installer has equipped the entire house with underfloor heating, solar panels, electricity and a heat pump. The concrete floors have been poured and the walls throughout the house have been finished by the plasterer. A beautiful glass front has been placed in the kitchen and the clean masonry has been bricked up. Skylights have been installed in the roof above the sliding doors, allowing beautiful light to shine inside.

The final phase of the renovation has started and just before the residents return to the house, we will show the result.

Do you also want to (re)build? We have extensive experience in the field of residential construction and are happy to help you realize your dream home.

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