Project Collall

Project Collall

We were allowed to carry out a beautiful mechanical project for our client Collall, a glue, paint and ink factory in Stadskanaal. Collall would also like to fill small glue pots with their existing filling machine, the machine was actually developed to only fill large glue pots.


The challenge was to find a cost-friendly solution that would not change the current process of the larger jars, but a standby option, allowing switching between the different jar options.


The solution was to design a star wheel with very low tolerances, so that it rotates the glue pots with half a millimeter precision through the different stations of the filling process.

Our role

We scanned and measured the existing situation in 3D in order to map the machine. By using various programs such as Realworks, Navisworks and Inventor, we developed star wheel, which we could directly translate into technical drawings and step files for the maker (BETECH Link). By switching quickly and consulting with the manufacturer, we were able to achieve high precision, so that the star wheel fits properly.

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